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To New Members, Members, Supporters and Enquirers.

Many people join the National Front for one particular reason or occurrence, whilst others have just a general feeling that things are not right. As a Party we need to explain to our members and electors the broader picture. This is particularly so as the enemy continually make false statements about us and then work themselves up into a rage over these false statements.

Our Party is described by the media as ‘extreme right wing’. Right and left wing are meaningless concepts that allow Tory and Labour to pretend they are different from each other when, in fact, they are just factions of one party. Any party that is not approved becomes labelled ‘extreme’ right or left. Another falsehood is that we are ‘fascist’ (fascism = rule by an elite.) whereas, in fact, we are a registered political party with the Electoral Commission that has the object of fighting elections in the democratic process.

As a first priority you should, and the Party does, reject these falsehoods. The National Front is a democratic nationalist party and must not be described as right or left and certainly not "extreme".

It needs to be understood that we are being continually lied to by Government, the BBC and the newspapers. The meaning of words is being distorted and laws are being passed that are directly aimed at destroying our nation. Perhaps the most obvious twisting of meaning is that of the word ‘immigrant’, when the correct word should be ‘foreigner’ or ‘invader’. There are a whole host of absurd ‘hate’ laws and there is ‘diversity’ a word to describe the forced miscegenation of our nation with other nations and the promotion of sexually disorientated people better known in English as ‘queers’. All designed to destroy our Nation.

Again we are lied to when it is said we are lucky to live in a free, democratic country. The fact is that we do not live in truly democratic country – we live in a country that is made to appear to be democratic. That is an entirely different matter.

Free speech! Except if mention is made of a long list of subjects.

The fundamental difference between nationalists and non-nationalists is that we understand that our health, safety and happiness are ensured by being part of our Nation. And that in return we owe a duty to the fellow members of our Nation. We are not isolated individuals. Any action that weakens the Nation is detrimental.

Labour and Tory emphasise the individual without caring about the nation as a whole. They talk about ‘class war’ and unrestrained capitalism. Indeed they appear not to understand the importance of the nation and believe that a new nation can come about by mixing many different nations together! The National Front is the only political party to have the policy of “humane repatriation” of all foreigners to prevent the dangerous folly of mixing nations.

How do we proceed to combat and reverse all the dreadful things that are happening to us?

The answer is clear. We need, via the democratic system, to elect sufficient MPs to purge Parliament of the useless people currently in power. No easy task.

The National Front believes that your local MP should be selected by the people living in the constituency, not as now by the secret cabal behind the Tory and Labour parties. At the moment most electors take no, or little, interest in the doings of their local MP between elections so that at a General Election they just dumbly vote for whomever Tory or Labour HQs have selected. This means that the MPs follow HQ instructions rather than the wishes of their constituents.

It is vitally important that our members understand the importance of regular local meetings. As we grow, these meetings will select local men and women as candidates for Parliament so that eventually we will have honest MPs that work for us and our Nation. These MPs will be in continual contact with their constituents and will vote as instructed by those local constituents and not, as now, by party whips. (They will be representatives not delegates.)

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"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children's children."

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