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An Introduction to the National Front


"Lib/Lab/Con destroying our Nation: £1.8 trillion plus National Debt, 10 million plus foreign invaders but we have too few children of our own. Our Nation is dying."
Citizenship Debate Derided for 50+ years Racial Realities of Nature

Immigration is transforming this country in a way that is making the liberal élite run scared. Unauthorised entry into Britain is characterised by greed, opportunism, fraud, nihilism, invasion, political coercion and legal corruption.

Immigration (Invasion) does destroy our nation, safety and wellbeing.
Very many of 'our' MPs are placemen, foreigners and queers with no interest in the future of our nation.

John Murphy takes an interesting look at the animal world and examines the lessons we can learn from them, ranging from African killer bees to the British red squirrel and grey squirrels of America.

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Why are people nationalists? What do they believe?

Nationalists have, either from considered deduction, or more often, just by simple gut feeling, recognised that our society is, in fact, very fragile and could collapse at any time. It follows from this belief, that anything that appears to weaken the nation is seen as wrong.

There are various possible definitions of a nation, but we are concerned with the people of the United Kingdom. We define our nation as the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish or their mixtures, plus, in exceptional cases, other Europeans. Nationalists see the nation as the largest group of people in which the individual's prosperity, health, happiness and future of his/her children is maximised. (Too small, the nation is weak, too large and the individual is forgotten.)

Nationalists understand that within the nation we are totally dependent on the work and good will of the other members of our nation. (This is true socialism and not to be confused with Marxism.) For the purposes of illustration, one should imagine that on waking in the morning, there is no electricity, no water, and no food in the shops. Total chaos would ensue.

Nationalists see that the purpose of government is to ensure that certain basic services run smoothly. Precisely which services are legitimately the concern of central government can be the subject of argument. However, traditionally, these include, defence, law and order, money, and during the last 100 or so years electricity, water and sewage.

Since 1945 nationalists have seen governments seemly determined to do everything possible to undermine the stability of the nation. Besides the lunacy of allowing millions of foreigners to invade the UK, there has been the sell-off of the major utilities, mainly to foreign owners, the shutdown of our coal industry, the virtual disbandment of our armed forces, the debasement of our currency and the huge increase of the national debt, the destruction of our education system. Etc and etc. On top of all this is membership of the EU. A main aim of the EU is the abolition of our Nation and our traditional rights and freedoms. (Referendum result noted.)

The ultimate aim of nationalists is to secure the heritage of their children in some future time. However, the immediate aim is to secure their own and their families present safety and wellbeing without which there would be no future children.

"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children's children."




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Chairman: Tony Martin

Nominating Officer: Kevin Layzell

Treasurer: Nick Walsh


(Please note that the National Front of the United Kingdom (=National Front-uk) has no connection with the National Front of France (=Front National). There are major differences in policy).